Building Resilience

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Building Resilience–sounds way better than my first title, “Letting Kids Fail”.  Really, the two go hand in hand.  In order to build resilience, kids have to bump into difficult situations in life.

In my reading this week, I stumbled across this graphic from the book Reducing the Risk, Increasing the Promise: Strategies for Student Success by Sherrel Bergmann and Judith Allen Brough.   My disclaimer is that I have not read the book–but I did find this chart interesting as it gave actionable ideas for how to build these skills in students.  It ties into an article I read yesterday about parenting and the importance of letting your child fail (which of course snowballed into lots of other reading–I will put those links at the bottom!).  I think my mind has been tossing that idea around that children need to learn how to fail and learn from mistakes–and so when I saw this graphic highlighting the importance of building resilience–it all fit together.  Hopefully it will for you, too!

Want to read the articles I read about letting kids fail?  Here are some that I came across:

  1. Thanks, Danae! What the rest of you don't know is that Danae sent me this link for the blog just as I was publishing this blog post! Great minds think alike!

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