Disclaimer:  I am a huge fan of Apple.  And the Green Bay Packers, but that part isn’t relevant to today’s post!

I have been learning more about iBooks Author and the power it holds for digital content creation.  This app allows the user to create books that can be used on the iPad.

But these aren’t the typical textbooks you and I grew up reading.  These have video, audio, interactive graphics and diagrams–all embedded in one spot and revolutionizing how we interact with knew knowledge.  On top of that, iBook Author allows the user to find great resources and centralize them all in one location–the book you are creating.

If you’ve used iBook Author already–you might have to come help me learn.  I’m off to iTunes U to find a book, subscribe to it, and learn for myself how to get moving using iBook Author!

*And no, this post wasn’t sponsored by Apple…although that sounds like a great idea…

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