A post for the new year: Living the Reflective Life

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Building Relationships, Culture of Achievement, Instructional Leadership, PTSC, Uncategorized
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It’s the start of a new school year! We are just a handful of days into the year and it is at the time I pause to reflect not only on how it started, but where we will head from here. While for most January 1 marks the fresh start of a new year, for those of us in education our new year starts in August or September.

I was recently reading a post by George Couros in which he stated that, “It is important that we look inward before we share outward.” This has really been my theme of the summer. I’m venturing out in some new directions this year (revision of this blog, Twitter, My Big Campus, Pocket, Diigo, and how I lead change) and my goals related to technology were born out of time spent in reflection.

This summer I have been challenged by some ideas I have read recently in Jeff Goin’s new book, “The In-Between”.  As one who likes the allure of what is next, what is new, and what is cutting edge it is easy to fall into the trap of missing the moments that are amazing and happening right now.  If I spend my time in search of all that is exciting and new I miss the moments that are happening now and crying out for my acceptance and to be noticed.  I also miss the opportunity to look at those around me and stop to learn from them.

It is out of these moments that I now emerge reconstructing my blog and sharing what I am learning and reading (in this moment–the best moment) through Twitter.  I’m excited to venture into what each day and each moment have in store.  It’s going to be a great year!

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