PTSC Update: What’s on Your Bookshelf?

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Building Relationships, Communication, Instructional Leadership
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What’s on Your Bookshelf?

Have you read anything great lately?  There are a handful of folks in my life that are my go-to referral sources for great reading material.  Recently I bumped into one of them at a meeting and was thrilled to get a referral for the best book he has read in the last year.  So, off to the library I went to borrow my own copy of “Creativity, Inc.:  Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration”.  At any given time I usually have three books on my reading pile:  a non-fiction book to better me as a leader, a fiction book purely for fun, and something inspirational.

While watching the Super Bowl last night, I was chatting with a friend who was sharing a story about her adventures in parenting and commented to me about the value of her time sitting in the living room with her son, both of them reading.  Later on in the evening I was reflecting on that conversation and realizing the power not just for mom and son to be together in the same room, but also of the modeling that she was doing of taking time to read, learn, grow, and sometimes just relax.

I think sometimes we forget the ways that the little things we do speak volumes to those around us.  Be it the way we live our lives with integrity choosing what is right over what is easy, or the way we modeling learning, growing, spending time with family, and relaxation.  It’s always a great reminder to me to check that the words I am speaking match with the things I am doing–and if they don’t, to make the necessary adjustments to bring them back into line once again.

And, for those wondering, I’m not far into my latest book checked out from the library, but I’m sure looking forward to an extended weekend to finish it!



PTSC Standouts:

Awesome message received from a parent (and we agree–Ms. Welbourne is amazing!):

My name is Jennifer Bailey and I have two girls that attend BG.  My oldest is Ashley she is a junior and Alyssa is in 7th grade.  Both of my Girls participated in the ISSMA singing competition at Kankakee Valley this past Saturday w/ Ms. Welbourne.  I must tell you she is truly amazing and we are SO lucky to have her at BG.  This was our families 5th year going and listening to Ashley sing, this was Alyssa’s first year. My main reason for my email is this,  I wanted to let you know that not once but twice Ms. Welbourne was complimented by the judges after our  BG students sang.  One group of girls got not just a Gold but a PERFECT!  Wow!  The judge called Ms. Welbourne up and told her in front of the whole room that whatever she is doing to keep doing it. Another judge said it sounds like you have been singing together for awhile.  Like I said this was our 5th year going and usually we don’t see the judges complimenting the choir teacher….and to have it happen twice in one day that I witnessed.  My girls came home with 3 Gold Medals each and we have Ms. Welbourne to thank for that.  The self confidence that she gives to our kids is amazing!

Email PTSC standouts to Dr. Schmidt at

Important Dates:

  • February 12:  Snow Day Make-Up Day or Break Day
  • February 15:  President’s Day–No School
  • February 17:  Online Day BGHS and BGMS
  • February 19:  Empty Bowls Event

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 1.36.06 PM

  • March 11:  Annual All You Can Eat Fish Fry at BGHS to benefit the Football Program
  • March 11:  Annual Porter Township School Corporation Staff vs. Porter County Sheriff’s Department Basketball Game at BGHS at 7pm.  All proceeds benefit the School Safety Fund
  • March 16:  Online Day BGHS and BGMS
  • March 17:  End of Third Quarter
  • March 21-25:  Spring Break Week–No School
  • April 27:  Kindergarten Round-Up at Porter Lakes Elementary School

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.50.05 AM

Things to Know/Do:

  • Now hiring substitute teachers! Please contact Linda Dusek at the administration building if you are interested in substitute teaching and she will help you start the application process and discuss qualifications.
  • Do your friends and neighbors know how to find our weekly updates? Even if your neighbors don’t have kids in school tell them about our weekly updates so they can hear the great news of what happens at PTSC!
  • Every Wednesday is a 30-minute delayed start. If we have a 2-hour delay, students will arrive at school 2 hours after the regular start time for the building.
  • We are also looking for bus drivers to drive our extra-curricular runs. If you are interested, please apply online. It’s a great way to earn some money and attend extra-curricular events!

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