PTSC Update: Who You are Matters

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Building Relationships, Communication, Culture of Achievement, Curriculum, Instruction
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Who You are Matters

As most of you know, my husband and I became parents to handsome twin boys this year.  What you may not know about me is that I’m an avid reader, researcher, and all around over-planner for most everything in life.  True to form, I’m constantly seeking after new knowledge about how to best raise our boys and help them through all of their developmental milestones.

But as parents, we know it isn’t just about the learning our kids are doing in mastering standards (or for my kids, crawling and learning to walk).  There is so much more to helping them become caring, kind, and well-rounded people.  The knowledge is important, but we cannot forget that we are also shaping our future generation and helping them to know how to interact and relate to other people.  For my husband and I, this has meant that we intentionally focus on helping our boys to seek justice, love kindness, and be humble.

This is important for us at PTSC, too.  Not only are we trying to be great role models for our students, but we are also intentionally trying to build positive relationships with students while being explicit in our instruction of what it looks like to seek justice, love kindness, and be humble and hard-working in all that we do.  It may be in life that you have to learn a new skill or fact in order to succeed and that isn’t the most difficult thing to do.  What is really difficult to do is to learn and practice how to be ethical, hard-working, kind people who believe the best about others and do not spread bitterness and lies.  Aren’t those the kind of folks we all want to surround ourselves with as friends, hire in our businesses, and live next door to?

Our intellectual knowledge and the ability to apply it to real world situations is extremely important.  But one cannot overlook the vital task that we have as parents and educators to help develop our children and students into people of high character.  I am excited to be on the journey together with you to do just that!




PTSC Standouts:


The Boone Grove Middle School Cheer team shared their school spirit with parade goers at the Popcorn Festival!  Thanks for representing PTSC well and great job on the float!

Email PTSC standouts to Dr. Schmidt at

Important Dates:

  • September 22:  The American Red Cross is hosting a Blood Drive at Porter Lakes Elementary on Thursday, September 22 from 3:30 – 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria.  Please call 1-800-RED – CROSS or go to,  sponsor code:  iporlaelem to schedule your blood donation appointment
  • October 12:  Online Day BGHS and BGMS


  • October 15:  “See the Need” Stuff the Bus! To Help Support The Food Pantry Of Porter Township “Stuff The Bus” Fundraiser.  Help us bring in food donations, cleaning supplies and toiletries.  Following the food pantry drive there will be the Porter Township Food Pantry Annual Fundraiser Chili Souper Supper from 5:00 – 6:30.  You can jump on the bus! Bring your friends, food and donations…and don’t forget the pantry needs cleaning supplies and toiletries as well! The stop at Porter Lakes is at 4:30, BGMS at 4:00, and BGHS at 4:15.  Admission to the Chili Souper Supper is $6 Children under 10 are FREE.  Salem Church Hall, 756 W 350 S
  • October 19:  End of Quarter 1
  • October 24:  Parent/Teacher Conferences and Early Dismissal
  • October 25:  Parent/Teacher Conferences and Early Dismissal
  • October 27-28:  Fall Break–No School
  • November 16:  Online Day BGHS and BGMS
  • November 24-25:  Thanksgiving Break–No School
  • December 21-January 4:  Winter Break–No School
  • January 13:  End of Quarter 2/Semester 1


Things to Know/Do:

  • Now hiring a Computer Technician!  If you know someone who might be interested, send them to the link above!
  • Now hiring substitute teachers! Please contact Linda Dusek at the administration building if you are interested in substitute teaching and she will help you start the application process and discuss qualifications.
  • Do your friends and neighbors know how to find our weekly updates? Even if your neighbors don’t have kids in school tell them about our weekly updates so they can hear the great news of what happens at PTSC!
  • Every Wednesday is a 30-minute delayed start. If we have a 2-hour delay, students will arrive at school 2 hours after the regular start time for the building.
  • We are also looking for bus drivers to drive our extra-curricular runs. If you are interested, please apply online. It’s a great way to earn some money and attend extra-curricular events!

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