Standard 1: Human Capital Management

Standard 1: Human Capital Management

As taken from the Indiana Content Standards for Educators:  School Leader District Level, an effective leader will “use their role as human capital manager to drive improvements in building leader effectiveness and student achievement, including:

1.1 recruiting, hiring, assigning, retaining, and supporting effective building leaders who share
the district’s vision/mission

1.2 prioritizing the evaluation of building leaders over competing commitments and using
evaluation systems that credibly differentiate the performance of building leaders

1.3 ensuring that principals prioritize teacher evaluation over competing commitments and use
teacher evaluation systems that credibly differentiate the performance of teachers

1.4 orchestrating aligned, high-quality coaching; workshops; team meetings; and other
professional learning opportunities tuned to staff needs based on student performance

1.5 designing and implementing succession plans (e.g., career ladders) for every position in the
district, and providing formal and informal opportunities to mentor emerging leaders and
promote leadership and growth

1.6 delegating tasks and responsibilities appropriately to competent staff members, monitoring
their progress, and providing support as needed

1.7 counseling out or recommending the dismissal of ineffective building leaders, and ensuring
that building leaders counsel out or recommend the dismissal of ineffective teachers,
carefully following contractual requirements

1.8 strategically assigning building leaders and other staff to support district goals and maximize achievement for all students” 



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