Standard 2: Instructional Leadership

Standard 2: Instructional Leadership

As taken from the Indiana Content Standards for Educators:  School Leader District Level, an effective leader will be “focused on effective teaching and learning, possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of best instructional practices, and continuously promote activities that contribute to the academic success of all students, including:

2.1 cultivating commitment to and ownership of the district’s instructional vision, mission,
values, and organizational goals, and ensuring that all key decisions are aligned to the vision

Evidence:  Work on strategic plan, monthly cabinet meetings keeping alignment of all district leaders, focus areas provided to each building aligned to the vision, mission, values, and organizational goals.

2.2 planning, organizing, supervising, and supporting a rigorous district instructional program based on research-supported best practices regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment

Evidence:  Time provided for teachers K-12 to work on curriculum, instruction, and assessment goals.  This time is provided through collaboration delayed start Wednesdays, online days in grades 6-12, and in professional meeting days for teachers in grades K-5.

2.3 using student performance data to evaluate instructional quality, and regularly providing
school leaders and staff with prompt, high-quality feedback aimed at improving student

Evidence:  Presentation made to the board in 2012 and 2013 on ISTEP+ data for the district, worked to consult with BGHS on their school improvement plan including quarterly assessment development, and work on the teacher evaluation plan which has been created collaboratively with teachers and building administrators.

2.4 establishing a culture of collaboration in which teamwork, reflection, conversation, sharing,
openness, and problem solving about student learning and achievement are aligned to clear
instructional priorities

Evidence:  Worked on a book study with building administrators to learn to multiple the genius in our organization, worked on building teamwork at each monthly cabinet meeting, developed building focus areas in which buildings will be collaborating to complete tasks.
2.5 ensuring the use of practices with proven effectiveness in promoting academic success for students with diverse characteristics and needs, including English Learners and students with exceptionalities, including high-ability and twice exceptional students

Evidence:  Worked with the Educational Service Center to provide professional development htis year for English Learners, High Ability, and for 504 planning.
2.6 promoting the sanctity of instructional time, and ensuring that every minute is maximized in the service of student learning and achievement”

  1. Shelia Burlock says:

    I enjoyed reading your bio. You sound like a well balanced educator and person. I applaud you!
    Thank you for clarifying Standard 2 with practical and concise examples of evidence.

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