Standard 4: Building Relationships

Standard 4: Building Relationships

As taken from the Indiana Content Standards for Educators:  School Leader District Level, an effective leader will “build relationships to ensure that all key stakeholders work effectively with each other to achieve transformative results, including:

4.1 establishing an organizational culture of urgency in which building leaders, students,
parents/guardians, teachers, staff, and other key stakeholders relentlessly pursue academic
and behavioral excellence
4.2 skillfully and clearly communicating district goals, needs, plans, and successes (and failures)
to all stakeholders (e.g., school board members, building leaders, students, teachers,
parents/guardians, the central office, the community, businesses) using a variety of means
(e.g., face to face, newsletters, Web sites)
4.3 using effective strategies to forge consensus for change, manage and monitor change, and
secure cooperation from key stakeholders in planning and implementing change
4.4 working collaboratively with individuals and groups inside and outside the system, striving for an atmosphere of trust and respect but never compromising in prioritizing the needs of students
4.5 demonstrating awareness of the public and political nature of the school district leader position, and deftly engaging the public in addressing controversial issues”

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