Standard 5: Culture of Achievement

Standard 5: Culture of Achievement

As taken from the Indiana Content Standards for Educators:  School Leader District Level, an effective leader will “develop a districtwide culture of achievement aligned to the district’s vision of success for every student, including:



Porter Lakes Elementary School Report Card

Boone Grove Elementary School Report Card

Boone Grove Middle School Report Card

Boone Grove High School Report Card

After disaggregation of ISTEP+ and ECA data, principals write goals for the next school year targeting areas for improvement. These goals are discussed with the superintendent, tweaks are made, and then the goals are monitored for progress.

5.1 empowering building leaders, teachers, and staff to set high and demanding academic and
behavior expectations for every student, and ensuring that students are consistently
5.2 establishing rigorous academic goals and priorities that are accepted as fixed and
5.3 orchestrating high-quality team collaboration to analyze interim assessment results and
formulate action plans for immediate implementation

5.4 implementing systems to promote and enforce individual accountability for results

5.5 ensuring all students full and equitable access to educational programs, curricula, and available supports
5.6 ensuring the use of positive and equitable behavior management systems and the consistent implementation of rules and routines
5.7 guiding building-level staff to build productive and respectful relationships with parents/guardians and engage them in their children’s learning
5.8 developing family and community partnerships that increase access to resources (e.g., classroom volunteers, funds, equipment), as long as they clearly align with and do not distract from the district’s goals for student growth and achievement”

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