Standard 6: Organizational, Operational, and Resource Management

Standard 6: Organizational, Operational, and Resource Management

As taken from the Indiana Content Standards for Educators:  School Leader District Level, an effective leader will “leverage organizational, operational, and resource management skills to support district improvement and achieve desired educational outcomes, including:

6.1 using data to identify needs and priorities within the organization and to address organizational barriers to attaining student achievement goals
6.2 using technological tools and systems to facilitate communication and collaboration, manage information, and support effective management of the organization
6.3 overseeing the use of practices for the safe, efficient, and effective operation of the district’s physical plant, equipment, and auxiliary services (e.g., food services, student transportation)
6.4 planning, managing, and monitoring district budgets aligned to district improvement goals, and creatively seeking new resources to support district programs and/or reallocating resources from programs identified as ineffective or redundant
6.5 managing and supervising compliance with laws and regulations, such as those governing building management and reporting; human resource management; financial management; school safety and emergency preparedness; student safety and welfare; and the rights and responsibilities of students, families, and school staff”

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